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Good morning I myself have been in the fire service for 18 years. We are a family. Just like in family, not everyone always gets along. When conflict arrises the strong family rallys together to discuss and overcome the challenge. Seperation does not creat unity and I am deeply concerned about the focus and intentions of this group and its members based upon its segregative title. The family must come together and the fire service must come together. Whatever issues may or may not exist, seperatin and segrigation do not work to fix them but rather ampify them. Lets ALL work towards a better tomorrow, free of segrigation and inequality. Its up to each one of us to make this change.


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Hello Michael and thank you for communicating in our guestbook. Allow us to educate you on fire service history and our organization. You stated that you've been in the fire service for 18 years, well the topic, question, and concern you have goes back to a time long before you were born. The international Association of Black Professional Firefighters was created because black firefighters were not welcome in the union or in the fire service at all. There was not an organization that represented or  looked after us.  That is why our organization was created and exist today. Our organization has evolved over the years to do so much more than that now with helping to address issues and concerns in the fire service that no one else is willing to seriously address. I encourage you to visit our website and look at our mission statement, purpose statement and preamble to get a true understanding of what our organization is about. Separation was never the original intent, in fact many black firefighters dreamed and hope to be accepted and be a "family" as you say in the fire service.  For most black Firefighters throughout history their efforts were in vain  and for some even today are still in vain regarding that dream in the fire service. 

Please don't be confused about our title because it is not exclusively for Black Firefighters, that would be racist. Any nationality is welcome in our organization as long as they abide by our bylaws and Constitution. But make no mistake we are here for black Firefighters and the challenges and hurdles that they face specifically as well as helping the entire fire service be better. Especially because no one else has or will make the same effort to address wrongs and unfair situations that effect us. 
So again we thank you for reaching out and communicating, but we also hope that you have learned some things through this communication as well. If you really want to be a family and if you really want to help the fire service be all that it can be then embrace our organization, recognize our organization, and support our organization. We've been around since 1970, and we're certainly not going anywhere or changing the name. Please look up the local chapter in your area and see what you can do to help them out at the local level are even join. Take care and stay safe brother. 

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